PeelsAll peels have a healing, nutritive factor and are 100% natural, not synthetic. They are the most healthy, natural peels on the market today.

Natural Lacto-Ionic Gel — for mature, dry skin, enlarged pores, rosacea and wrinkles.

Natural Glyco-Ionic Gel — for fine lines, hyper pigmentation and dull complexions.

Natural Sal-Ionic Gel — for acne, acne scars, melasma.

Our new gel peels are mild, yet very effective, and can be performed once a week for a series of six and can be performed all year long.

Pricing: $50
As add-on: $35

Lyco Ionic Jessner
This is a medium-depth peel that we recommend be done in a series of three to four treatments. It removes years of sun damage and reduces pore size, revealing softer, more evenly toned and hydrated skin. This peel requires you to remain out of the sun for two weeks; therefore it is generally performed in fall to early spring.

Pricing: $110-375 (prep required)

Gel Peels may be done in any combination. Also may be added on to any facial.


“If Ginny believes there are other factors inhibiting your progress, she is happy to give recommendations so you look your best! Ginny is truly a wealth of knowledge for overall health and natural beauty, and because of her, I finally fixed my health problems that have inturn, made my results even better.  Ginny is the reason why I finally feel like I will have my old figure back and I can’t thank her enough!   She is just  is a special person who leaves you with good energy at the end of your session.  I am so happy to have found a new “go to” person for looking and feeling younger!” -Jennifer, Fresno