MegaStar Facial

What is it?

  • Microcurrent Natural Facelift
  • LED Red/Infrared Light Rejuvenation
  • Rezenerate Pen-Nano Needling Infusion of DNA Cryo Stem Cells

What are the Results?

  • Lifted, rejuvenated, glowing skin with a more even tone & texture
  • Reduction of fine lines and pigmentation
  • Pore size minimized

Clients are saying: “Best. Facial. Ever!”

Pricing: $235
Prepayment Series of 5 – $1,125


“I started coming to Ginny two years ago for the natural facelift and after completing the series of treatments, I can honestly say that my face looks 15 to 20 years younger — and definitely tighter and brighter too. No one can believe that I am 71 years old! As an added benefit, the large scars I had under my chin have dramatically diminished.” -Jacqueline D., Fresno